Hi from Abingdon, UK

Hello, I’m Ann & I joined THS last summer and have completed a few sits now. I have a busy job in the NHS and having the company of animals in a new location in a home is the perfect respite for me! I have 2 cats (15 year old sisters), fish & a corn snake (he belongs to my daughter). I’m really enjoying the opportunity to be with dogs as due to my work patterns it would not be fair for me to have my own dog at the moment…but once I retire I will!
I wanted to ask if anyone can help me with how to display the dates that I’m unavailable (not just the dates that I’m already booked to do a sit) - I’ve had quite a few invites recently, but I’m unable to do the dates.
Many thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @Duck12 welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining is from Abingdon in glorious Oxfordshire.

I’m so happy to hear that pet sitting is helping provide some well earned and deserved, respite from your work in the NHS. Being with animals is good for the body, mind and the soul. Being able to be a best friend and carer to a pet family member and then pass back to their own people is the perfect solution for pet lovers unable to have their own but needing a temporary “fix” … frequently or just occasionally. It’s how I got started on my TrustedHousesitters journey 13 years ago.

This post from our help centre will explain the availability calendar and there are other conversations on the forum on the subject, use the spyglass and key words to locate the discussions and any other subject of interest.

You can also add your sitter profile link to your forum profile that way other members will be able to “meet” you … you can follow these steps


Enjoy connecting with our members and please ask any questions, our community are always ready to help.