Hi from Arizona

Hello there! My name is Taeyoung. Comet is our standard poodle name.I have been reading posts, but never joined the community until now. I am very new and excited to learning tips from experienced house/pet sitters here.

I am originally from S. Korea and grew up on an island. My parents were farmers and had various animals on the property. I personally love talking to dogs. We have a standard poodle, 6 year old, and a cat, 7 year old. They keep us happy.

I would like to start sitting for dogs, cats, and some other animal friends I find feel comfortable with. My husband is not ready yet for this adventure, but I am ready.

Please provide any helpful tips to find the first sitting opportunity. I would like to start in Phoenix area where my daughter lives currently.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Hi Comet!!

I’m hoping someday you’ll want to come to Texas!

My husband is Korean too! We actually recently moved to our area in Texas, because there’s a lot of Korean restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

We have only cats…no dogs. But growing up, my family had two standard poodles (Toby and Truffles) and my older sister has had some as well.

Hello @comet and welcome to the forum. If you have joined as a member of TrustedHousesitters, here are some links to help you get organized and narrow down your searches for the Phoenix area:

How to create saved search alerts on the app

How to create saved searches on the website

How to favourite a listing

Hi Dina,
thank you for replying to my post. It has been a few years already since our last visit to Texas because of this Covid. My mother-in-law lives in Texas. Who knows we might be able to housesit for you one day. :blush:

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Hi Comet!!! Sorry it’s taken me awhile to see this and reply!!