Hi from Arizona!

We are Gary and Lynne. We are the owners of a beautiful 18 year old TUX. We had traveled with her for two years in a motor home before landing in the SW. Bitten by the travel bug once again we are wanting loving care for her rather than a boarding situation, We had a light bulb moment last week, started to explore how we can visit our son in the PNW and travel periodically and were thrilled to find THS. We surely wish we had heard about it sooner!


Hi and welcome to our community forum @GLK thank you for joining and having a “light bulb moment” we’ve all had those on hearing about the amazing travel lifestyle TrustedHousesitters enables … for all of our members.

We really look forward to sharing in your new adventure and would love to see a picture of your RVing senior TUX girl.

I’ve also answered you question about your profile.

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with members from around the world.

Angela & The Team

Sorry…what is a TUX?

I’m looking for a sit in the Phoenix area in early January. If you have any possible travel plans then, I’d like to communicate with you.

A Tux is a (black & white) cat that often looks like it is wearing a tuxedo!

We have scheduled a sitter from December 13-January 24th. We are located in central Arizona outside of Sedona. But thank you for your interest!

Hi @Barbara as @GLK says a TUX is a black and white cat … welcome to the Forum it would be great to share in your TrustedHousesitters journey so far.


Thanks for your prompt response…now I know what a TUX is (a beautiful cat).