Hi from Fishbourne, West Sussex

Hi all.

Declan, Family & Mojito (our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) introducing ourselves.

We are not new to THS but am to the Forum as we utilised THS in Aug’19 for our then both dogs - Cosmo unfortunately went over the rainbow bridge just before the 1st national lockdown, as he had a brain tumour - sad yes, but as I am sure with all pet owners we have more positive memories of him!

We are currently home owners in Fishbourne, West Sussex with Mojtio our 10 yr old wheaten and hopefully with a new puppy arriving in 2022 - well, we are on the puppy list!

THS was recommended to us be friends, who previously owned a property in Normandy, France. As like them they love to travel, but have pets at home who they wish to care for.

As a family we are more dog people than cats, as having a dog is another good reason to get outside and stretch the legs.


Welcome to the forum @ChicoDSH. Mojito is a great name!

Thank you. Are previous Wheaten was called ‘Cosmopolitan’…. There is a theme occurring :grinning:


@ChicoDSH I did wonder if Cosmo was short for Cosmopolitan! I look forward to hearing what your puppy will be called when he or she arrives.
We sat for some pets with names following a theme this summer. dogs called Candy Floss and Toffee and cats called Nougat and Popcorn. Obviously they were all very sweet!

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Hello @ChicoDSH and welcome to our community forum thank you all for joining us from beautiful West Sussex, you are very close to TrustedHousesitters HQ in Brighton.

We’re so sorry to hear about Cosmo’s passing, losing a beloved pet family member is heartbreaking to know that you are now able to recall many of the happier memories is wonderful and with a new puppy to look forward to I’m sure Mojtio will gain an extra spring in his step … and give the little one some direction in manners. You must let us know when puppy arrives and what cocktail of a name it will have.

Thank you again for joining us, you’ll find our community friendly, helpful and supportive after all we are all pet people at heart. Enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world.

Angela and the Team


Hi @Angela-CommunityManager and thanks for the message.

Didn’t realise you guys where just down the coast? Is the HQ there UK or World?

Best wishes to the Team

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Hi Declan,

Our Brighton HQ is for our global community, founded in Brighton and we still call it home … 130 countries managed from the English seaside …

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Good to know!

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