Hi from London, UK!

Hiya, not new to the site, but new to the forum, we are a family of 4 living in South East London (AKA the best part!) with our 4 year old cockerpoo Kauto (pronounced Corto so in fact that’s how I’ll spell it from now, even though it drives my husband mad, as that is not how the horse’s name, who he’s named after, was spelt… I got the dog, he got the name!)
Done a few sits, just got back from a holiday last week and had mixed feelings about the last sitter, so thought this would be a good place to come!


Welcome to the forums @HFisherandK. I’m from London as well although currently on a sit near Venice. South East London is the best you say. Well as someone that lives in North West London, I think we have fighting talk here!! :laughing:
What happened with your last sitter you weren’t 100% happy with? I’m sure the many experienced sitters and owners on here can give you some input?

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I’m another one in the NW London team!!

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Hi @HFisherandK and welcome to the forum. We are Australian and will be sitting full time in the UK from November to March, mainly south of London but we also have one sit booked in south London. Will keep an eye out for your sit if you have any coming up as I love oodle dogs (and also London!)