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We joined this site looking for sitting support following taking on a rescue dog earlier this year
He didn’t get on well in kennels at the rescue so was put with a foster and put some weight back on
Currently using a professional dog walker to help us with his socialising and we hope to have a holiday on a beautiful beach after the trials and tribulations in the past 20 months which started with me being made redundant…
Love visiting new places to meet people, experience their culture and history and have a long wish list to keep ticking off places
My initial question is what one tip can you please share to help us match up with a sitter? Our listing and photos went on the site last week and a few people have indicated a potential interest
We are in Surrey, England in the UK


Hello @SCC , Welcome to the group.

My big tip is to go with your gut feeling. Matching with sitters is a bit like matching with new friends - sometimes you ‘click’ - sometimes you don’t. It could be something they say, something they don’t say, their style of writing, - anything really. There are so many great sitters on this site it is very difficult not to choose a good one!

Don’t wait till you have too many applicants as it can become overwhelming. Once you have accepted the one you want be sure to send a quick message to the others to let them know that they were not chosen on this occasion.

Good Luck!


Hi @SCC welcome to our Community Forum and also to TrustedHousesitters. It has been a trying time for so many and we’re sorry to hear that yours has been so challenging.

Thank you for sharing Bowie with our pet loving community, he looks adorable and helping to get him socialised is so important. You will get wonderful help, support and advice from our members. Choosing Bowie’s dog walker was part of his pet care journey, they had to be the right person for him choosing a sitter is a similar process, the most important aspect is that they are the right sitter, based on his temperament, needs, your expectations and the sitter’s experience and ability and @Colin has described it so well.

You will have sitters applications, profiles and reviews and the next step is connecting in person with messages and arranging a video call where you can both ask your questions and decide if the arrangement is right for everyone … most of all Bowie.

We had a member who described choosing a sitter like this “It’s like falling in love, you just know” they have two cats and have had numerous sitters.

Thank you again for joining we can’t wait to share in your TrustedHousesitters journey.

Angela and the Team

Thanks Colin


Thanks team

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Good day SCC - Would also suggest reading all of their reviews thoroughly ( if they have some) to get the viewpoint from other owners. Be specific in what you are expecting from your sitter - no lengthy time away from house, etc. Guess that is more than “one tip”. The more information you can provide to potential sitters the better. Definitely agree with Colin about not waiting until you have too many applicants. Good luck!