Hi from Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Dave here, typing this in bed, after sleeping overnight in my van, in my garage, back at my home. My summer 7 week sit ended.

I rent my Whitby house so can go full time house sitting. In between sits, I camp out in my van, just a mattress bed set up cozy. I park outside in good weather. Or park in my garage when no tenants there.

I have been booked solid since Jan 2022, with back to back sits coming Oct5-Nov14. Likely to get booked thru Christmas with SSssoooo many travellers taking off on delayed Covid catchup trips.

What a Wonderful Lifestyle House Sitting and Van Life travel offers me in Retirement! The next 20 years will be a grand adventure, mostly unconstrained by time or money. See you out there! -Dave


YES YES YES ENJOY and happy travels!

Sounds like you have the right formula for yourself Dave. All the best, Carol from Sydney, Australia (although currently on a house-sit in Lake Macquarie- just north of Sydney)

Trial and error with luck helped me stumble on this solution to the typical “house rich cash poor” of retirement. Sitting free is a win win win I love it!

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