Hi guys

Hi , I’m Maree from Avoca, Victoria.
We live in a lovely rural setting in the Pyrenees wine region which is also the central gold towns area. Been here 2 years now and love it. have been a member of trustedhousesitters for a few years now and have had some interesting visitors. I keep a guest book also so they can leave comments and all have said positive things.


Good to see another Aussie round here!

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Welcome :wave: Maree

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Hi Maree,
I didn’t know there was a Pyrenees county in Australia. I looked at the map. I live in Pyrénées Atlantiques in France. The name of your region comes probably from Europe. Many names of cities or regions have been exported over the course of the migrations.
I don’t know Australia, there are a lot of flight hours, so I hesitate😸
Have a good day

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Hello Maree, thank you for joining us from Victoria it sounds idyllic, your sitters are in for a wonderful treat once travel returns to our lives.

Like @Flora I wasn’t aware there was an area called the Pyrenees in Australia, this is the beauty of our community we can learn something new everyday from members around the world, far more authentic than any travel brochure:))

A guest book is such a wonderful idea, keep the memories alive … thank you again, we cannot wait to get to know you better and thank you for being part of our community for “a few years” we look to having you here for many more.

Enjoy making new connections.

Angela & The Team

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It’s nice to hear feedback.
As we moved from the big smoke to the country, we don’t enjoy going back except for birthday catch ups with friends.
I also leave out a portfolio for guests so they can go for day trips around the region. There are heaps of other little towns around and within 2 hours of major towns. Plenty of places to go for a luncheon and some towns have antique shops to die for.
Wish I could share a map, photos of the area etc. A skill I need to learn.

regards, Maree