Hiding snarling cats

@Elsa1 I wouldn’t suggest trying to pick up your foster, unfortunately. Some cats don’t like it. Our foster, although very cuddly later, detested being picked up, so we just didn’t insist.
Also, we used a Feliway diffuser for a few months. It’s a cat pheromone that makes them feel at ease. It’s quite expensive and I thought it would be an ongoing cost, but after 3 months, the cat slowly weaned himself off it, by leaving the room more often. It might be worth a look, read about it first.

Good luck!

Thanks botvot. Yes, we have Feliway on subscription although I only plug it in now after using frontline which she detests and I have to use gloves to put it on with….:roll_eyes: She does trust us now, and does come indoors at supper/bed time which we were surprised about so we’re doing something right. Must be the cooked chicken they have for supper every day? :joy:

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@Elsa1 tiny steps! How long have you had her? It took us 9 months before ours was ‘normal’ :joy::mending_heart:

About a year ago, she turned up on my daughters doorstep in London just days after her beloved pal died. She came indoors about a week later and shortly afterwards, gave birth to 4 kittens :roll_eyes:. Long story short, Katie couldn’t bear to rehome them so persuaded us we needed the mummy and a baby while she kept the other 3 :joy:. We collected them in February (6 months now) and brought them home to the countryside in Yorkshire. HUGE change for Lady. She’s a city, bin diver so now knows she’s getting fed and the times and no longer steals her kitty’s food but still timid but knows she’s safe & has a home.