High-five strivers

Hi We are Mark and Pam Farmborough, early retirees, living mainly in Madrid, Spain but also having family and property in UK. We were international teachers and have worked in Chile, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. We don’t have pets but greatly enjoy their company on sits. We try to get the best reviews as we love the win win possibility of making new friends and providing an excellent professional service for our house owners. Lots of travelling means we haven’t committed to owning a pet of our own but we find we have lots of animals in our lives now! Being trusted with homes and pets is a privilege, just as working with children was also a large responsibility in our professional lives as teachers. We hope to make contact with both Home owners and pet sitters to share concerns and the rewards of being members in this diverse community.


Hi @Highfive and welcome to our community forum. It is always great to see new faces here and get the chance to learn more about your journeys while sitting for TrustedHousesitters. There are quite a few sits in Spain, but lots and lots and lots in the UK, so you should have no issues finding sits there.

As far as getting insight and answers from other members, this is the place to find them. You can find so much info from just reading the posts here but also reading all the specific topics available for whatever question/concern you may have. Many answers to your questions can be found at Sitter Questions, Advice & Chat - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum. By just clicking on that link, you can open up various topics that will help also with concerns you may have about specific situations. ‘’

Another way to get help is by adding your member profile to your forum profile to get maximum exposure from both sitters and homeowners.

Good luck and make sure you post pics of your adventures here so we all can enjoy them!