HO asking for a contribution for heating oil?

I’ve just seen a two week January sit in the UK where the HO is asking for a contribution towards the cost of heating. Just wondering what the official line is on this?

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Paying to sit - Contributions to Utilities

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Hi @MissisE - Our T&Cs and Code of Conduct specify in detail what is and what isn’t permitted when arranging house sits, in respect of personal needs and expectations. Making a request for a contribution towards utilities is a financial request that is permissible as long as it is stipulated clearly in the listing so that sitters can decide whether or not to apply in advance.

My personal experience - My partner and I are currently doing a long term sit (1 year +) where we are paying the electric bill, because the provision of a property without pets, the freedom to use as a base, in return for this payment and the garden maintenance means it is a win win for both parties. We’ve only ever considered this on a long-term sit, never on a short term sit where we would expect the home to be kept warm for us and the pets :slight_smile: But this is the individual sitter’s choice.

Hope that helps.


Personally, I would not accept a sit that was asking for a contribution for utility bills unless it was a very long sit.
1 - It undervalues our service as sitters
2- It shows a lack of trust in the sitter to be sensible with the utility usage


I’m with Colin. For a two week sit I would not consider paying for utilities acceptable. I would consider it for a very long sit, depending on what the other duties were. But for such a short period, I think it’s ridiculous and shows that the HO likely is going to have unrealistic expectations about what the sitter should be responsible for.


Maybe if I was sitting for 6 months or a year. But from another side.
When I went back to grad school in 1991 I had a cat and an Irish Wolfhound. Finding a rental that would take me with the big dog was not going to happen and I was trying to save money too. So I looked for long-term pet/house sitting for faculty members going on sabbaticals. I was able to line up 3 places for 2 full years - no rent, but I did care for the animals and I did pay utilities.
That was fair to me.

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