HO canceled and I agreee

I had a cancelation on a sit and for that one and the future I like to know how to cancel on both sides. The HO does not know how and either do I. I got a email from TTHS but still could not figure it out. Can someone please help me to figure this thing out :slight_smile:

You need to unconfirm the sitter which will free your dates up again. If you then decline the sitter this will show that you don’t have any applicants which is sometimes more appealing for prospective new sitters to apply.

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TY LisH. Where is the option unconfirm ??

Hi, @Bravo1239. Is this a sit where dates have passed? If so the HO needs to contact THS Customer services to cancel the sit.

If dates are in the future, the HO should have the option to unconfirm you on the THS site within your booking.

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The sit is in Winchester from 26th July to 10th. August. All was agreed from both parts and all good. Just wanna know how to cancel things like that on both sides in the future :slight_smile:

The start date is in the past, so I think the HO must contact THS. I am not sure if the forum Admin can do this.

I know @Angela-CommunityManager is travelling today, so may contact you later.

And I can´t find cncel or decline option for this sit. I just want to remove this and also know how to react in the future.

TY Peter. Hope I can chat with her.

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@Bravo1239 - Hi Bragi, as @Petermac says, if the sit is in the past you will need to contact membership services. The homeowner can only decline a sit that hasn’t yet happened (although this should also be after contacting and discussing with the confirmed sitter). Membership services do just need to check that both the owner and sitter are in agreement of the cancellation by seeing either your messages to each other or email correspondence or similar. So if you can do a screenshot of this information and send the details through to support@trustedhousesitters.com they will be able to sort this out for you both. They are experiencing high levels of emails currently so it may not be an immediate response. Hope this helps :slight_smile: