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Can someone tell me what the rules are with this? I know that family members should not be “popping over” or staying when we are on sits, but what about the home-owners themselves?

I was keen on a particular sit, however, after the home-owner mentioned in messages to me - not included in their THS public listing - that they would be returning for a few days of the three week long sit. I then withdrew my interest, as I did not feel comfortable with this. Had this fact been included in the listing in the first place - I would have saved myself time and expectation in applying.



I would say each occasion should be assessed on a case-to-case basis. If the home host knew this was the situation when they listed then I agree it would have been better had they stated the fact clearly on their listing.

It has happened twice to us. We did a sit when the home hosts had two, two-week holidays planned. They went away for a fortnight, came home for one day to refresh and repack, and then left again for another fortnight. On the second occasion, one of the home hosts came home for 3 days during a four-week holiday as he had meetings that he had to attend.

On both occasions we were told after applying but before the sit had started and we had no problem with the situation.

The subject has been discussed before, you may find this thread interesting


It has happened only once but in that particular case we were holidaying more than working during the sit and we had nice dinners + met friends of the HO. But this should be disclosed in the listing and you have every right to withdraw your application.


Hi there Eliza, we have had our home owners dropping in and out several times - but not staying overnight thank goodness - over a 5 week sit. This is definitely not ideal and as far as I know against the terms and conditions and has made us feel somewhat uncomfortable. Having said that, they are lovely people and have notified us each time they have done this but sometimes only minutes before they arrived. The reasons for them doing this have varied from needing to pick something up or drop something off, didn’t have time to pack properly before they left and hadn’t left enough food supplies for the animals. It’s a farm so there are many of them. I’m interested to hear what others have to say. All I can really offer is understanding for being placed in this less than desirable situation. You did the right thing by withdrawing but lucky you had enough notice to do this. Kindest regards, Dereta


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We have had this situation in the past and had no issue. While not ideal, it is their home. I do agree, it should have been mentioned in the listing, but at least you were made aware prior to agreeing to the sit and you made the decision best for you.

What exactly were you not comfortable with the scenario? People could provide more thoughtful insight and perhaps a solution.


I think it’s a fair question to ask. I wouldn’t want the HO returning either and that’s the point of the forum. You’re right to ask.


I feel for you @ElizaFrost having to justify your reasons to other members of the Forum
The Code of Conduct is quite specific that all parties agree to the Third Party Policy. This states that “Once a sitter has begun their sit, THS require that the owner(s) have vacated the property for the entirety of the stay. This includes family members, tenants or employees”
While some sitters may be happy or welcome the family returning, this is not what the site is for.


I’m a home owner. Unless there was an emergency or a situation that requires this, I think it would be rude and weird for a HO to do this.

Yes, the home belongs to the owner, but I think it’s infringing on the sitter’s personal space. I don’t think that’s cool.

If I needed to come back to my house, I would certainly give the sitter the heads up and leave quickly. I don’t think owners should be dropping in on the sitter. Just my opinion


Thank you, Cuttlefish. :slight_smile:

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Hello @ElizaFrost I’ll add a link below to the third party policy, in case you are not aware that it is available:

Third party policy

It does include the following:

Once a sitter has begun their sit, we require that the owner(s) have vacated the property for the entirety of the stay,

I recognize that others may make alternative arrangements. I merely want to directly answer your question and provide you with ‘the rules’.

Ideally, an owner should have all relevant details in their listing.

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Thank you, Francine. That’s great.


Thank you ItchyFeet - that Code of Conduct information is what I was looking for, and I was having trouble finding it on the main website.

Best wishes. :slight_smile:


I’ve had this happen too. It was to deal with a business situation that came up during their holiday. We were asked if it would be ok a day in advance. We used it as an opportunity to visit a nearby area and be free for a few days. We made our hotel plans and responded that it would be no trouble and we would leave to give him space. We were very surprised and more than pleased when they replied with paid reservations for us in a nicer hotel than we had arranged. Very thoughtful and considerate, much appreciated but, of course, not necessary.


This would make me uncomfortable and I wouldn’t accept a sit where this was likely (unless, perhaps, it was a very long sit spanning several months and I was notified beforehand. Even then, I’m not sure). Yes, it is the HO’s house, there is no disputing that, but it feels like an infringement of your time and space.

I have found the most comfortable sits to be those where the HOs generously encourage me to treat their home as my own, and I think I’d feel very aware I was in someone else’s space if I was anticipating their return mid-sit. I appreciate @Catin88’s response and outlook where this is concerned.

@ElizaFrost, your feelings are valid and shared by many, judging by this thread!


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As an owner, if circumstances meant that I had to return home, I’d book an Airbnb for a couple of nights, either for myself, or for the sitter.

You really shouldn’t have to share the space - it’s not fair and not what sitters have signed up for.


As a HO, I agree with Catin88 and others who would not infringe on the Sitter’s expectation of privacy unless it were an emergency. If I were a Sitter I wouldn’t want my stay interrupted by a HO visit unless it was an emergency or a pre-arranged agreement, and this should be relayed up front in the first communication with an applicant. I see in the replies that some have been okay with a HO visit or stay, so I can’t comment on others’ experiences that have worked for them. But I wouldn’t expect to visit or stay during a sit. When a Sitter is in my home, I always love pics and other communication re how it’s going (for them and the cats), but appreciate and respect all aspects of the agreement we’ve made beforehand.

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I am a HO, not a sitter but my reply to this is Hard No.

To suddenly disclose this puts the sitter in a very awkward position. You didn’t sign up for a roommate situation. I would NOT be comfortable sharing the home with strangers, no matter how nice they probably are.


As a HO, if I for some urgent reason had to change the agreed plan after it was confirmed and travel arrangements made, I would absolutely expect to pay for lodging for the displaced sitters.

These HO did exactly the right thing, IMO.

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