Home owners having map and filters to find sitter

If Home owners could find sitters the same way sitters find HOs. sits might get filled.
Flexible home owners may find a sitter if they can fit their dates into the sitter’s dates.
As a sitter and retired I can be very flexible.
But occasionally I can’t.
I thought that it might be helpful for home owners that can be flexible to consider dates the a sitter is available.
If they have the tools of maps and filters of sitters that would help.
Also a HO when they are searching they may what to consider driving distance. I’m willing to drive 2-4 hours. If I’m allowed to bring a friend along that can be 4-8 hours drive as a radius from where I live.


I guess some filter criteria would be helpful for the HO to choose and for the sitter to set.

  • Willing to do long distance sits
  • Areas/Countries where the sitters are available for
  • Willing to do long time sits or what is the shortest sit sitters take
  • Able to do gardening, mowing, pool care
  • necessary languages

I got answers from HO’s that french will be needed (what I actually don’t agree with but thats their decision) so I would not even apply for the sit.

Kerstin and Frank

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