HO's automatically rejecting first 5 applicants

Just chiming in to say I am very much in favour of this. In fact, it gives me hope to think that perhaps some homeowners are doing this. It allows them to choose a sitter from a larger pool, one in which I may actually have a chance to dip my toe into.

So I’m fine if I was in the group of first five and get declined right away. It doesn’t mean I won’t be chosen. And in the long run, it’ll be to my advantage because sometimes I may be in the 2nd or 3rd group of 5 and actually get a shot at the sit.


I’ve done it a few times, but I have never had a future sit out of it so won’t be doing it again.

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It’s possible that some homeowners (HOs) may choose to reject the first few applicants in order to have a wider pool of potential sitters to choose from. By doing so, they can compare different profiles and select the sitter they feel is the best fit for their needs.

While this approach may seem discouraging for the applicants who are rejected initially, it’s important to remember that homeowners have their own preferences and criteria when selecting a house sitter. They might be seeking specific qualifications or characteristics and want to explore all available options before making a decision. It’s a way for them to ensure they find the most suitable candidate for their particular house-sitting assignment.

If you feel uncomfortable with this practice or it goes against your personal preferences, you have every right to decline an invitation from a homeowner who follows this approach. It’s essential to choose house-sitting opportunities that align with your own values and expectations.

Keep in mind that house sitting is a competitive field, and different homeowners may have their own unique selection processes. It’s always a good idea to communicate openly with homeowners and ask any questions you may have about their selection process or preferences before committing to a house-sitting assignment.


As a HO I can attest that there isn’t always a good fit in the first 5. We get “I’m available, check my profile”, sitters with no sits yet ( we love to help newbies get launched, but not with a 6 week sit), applicants that have pets/children (our listing explains why those aren’t feasible), folks who clearly mostly need a place to stay,…. And for our long sits, 4-6 weeks, we have additional experience/skills we’re looking for. And there have been sits that were truly “one and done”, but not often.

We state up front in our listing that we strive to leave it open for 24 hours - we also sit and are so tired of missing sit opps because we dared to go to bed. We decline everyone, with a personal note explaining our process again, and will do a “hard decline” for apps that truly don’t fit. So far that has worked. I hate to think we’ve angered or alienated anyone…


Agree 100%


Hi @Jeanblazer , Nice to see you on the forum. Are you a pet owner or a sitter?

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Wow! I’m a HO and I’ve never failed to find an excellent sitter in the first 5 applications. You must be in a really sought-after area and/or your requirements are complex.


I just wish I had any applicants! Considering leaving the site as it’s just not working for me any more.

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@Vicki64Vito20 did you know that you can post it in the last minute sit section ? Link below

and you can BOOST your listing https://support.trustedhousesitters.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4408919157777-How-to-boost-your-Listing-

Also you can ask member services to advertise it on social media .
@Angela_L may be able to help you with this .


@Vicki64Vito20 , your sit looks lovely. Vito seems true to his breed, fabulous as Border Collies are. I love your “chocolate box” description, it’s so appealing. It can certainly be posted as last minute, to THS social media and boosted as @Silversitters says.

I know you have had many sitters in the past so your ad has been working as it is, but I would still like to suggest a few changes to your pictures as it seems that since THS has grown, there is more competition. It would help if you add a picture of your kitchen and if you have a shower, mention it as many sitters prefer showers to baths. It would be good if you could show the entire bedroom, including windows, where the sitter will sleep. The front of the house is lovely, but I think it would look better if you remove the plank of wood leaning against the house and move the hose out of sight.

Is there any public transport available, though I think not? How far are you from the train or bus? It would be helpful if you included this info and if you could offer use of a car.

You might also want to mention the distance to some of the gorgeous gardens in your area, e. g. Beth Chatto’s Garden in Market Elmstead or any of these:

I hope you find the right sitter soon.


Your sit says it’s family friendly and that there are three bedrooms which is great but you’ve only included a picture of one of the bedrooms .
Maybe you could add some other photos . Also you could add a photo of the village and the mill and put these near the start of your photos .

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There are lots of amazing sitters. However, the chances of them (a) wanting to sit in my city (b) for the exact dates I need and (c) seeing the listing before it reaches 5 applicants are very slim. There may be someone in the first 5 who is OK, but the ideal ones are harder to find.


I had to reject 3 batches of 5 until I found my perfect sitter. It was very stressful but I had to keep going until I could find someone I felt good about moving into my home.


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Hi @llbarton53. I was able to find your listing using the “search for a sit” page. Good for you for posting your holiday sit early!

Bottom line I’d who is actually really getting work? Forced to pay to become part of this site and then you get nothing in return. I think the HO should pay the fee they’re getting a lot for nothing!

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Hi @Kafostersowell and welcome to the forum. Are you a member of THS? I ask because both pet owners and sitters pay an annual fee. This entitles pet owners to pet and home care and in exchange provides sitters with accommodations, the companionship of a pet(s) and the experience of living life as a local.
This explains how it works. How it Works | Find a House Sitter | TrustedHousesitters.com
This exchange works so well that THS now has 160,000 members.

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@Kafostersowell can I ask why you feel you are getting nothing in return? This is a mutual opportunity for both pet parents and sitters. Pet parents have someone staying in their home, caring for their pets and home while sitters get the opportunity to care and love for the many pets who do not do well in kennels or anywhere outside their home, as well and a free place to stay where they can explore the area without the cost of lodging. This is a win-win for both parties!

No I’m, reason based on the issue/claim made by this woman. You get passed up.