HOs if I sharpened your kitchen knives would you be upset?

Omg! Can I have you just sharpen my knives. I don’t know why, I can’t seem to do it correctly. I would be so stoked but you definitely need to give them a heads up or ask because it could be dangerous if they don’t know the knives are sharper. I would have the conversation before arriving

@Oztravels Can you come to my house and sharpen our knives? :laughing: LOL!

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On my way! :rofl:

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In the US a lot of hardware stores now offer a robot knife sharpening service. Check here if you have one near you:

They often offer free sharpening if you join their email list or currently by using discount code 12312023

C. Knives are meant for cutting. This means they need to be sharp. Dull knives are dangerous and lead to accidents. I would sharpen them. I don’t think anything needs to be said. If the counter was dirty, I’d wipe it up. Same concept.

Ask first. Comply with HO reply. I am readying my house for 2 sitters in Jan. I have a loong list of things I am doing to make our home comfy and welcoming. Sharpening my kitchen knives did not cross my mind. It will also not make it on my list of to do’s before sitters arrive…