How a dog has been trained to "speak"

I read in “Courrier international” a french weekly magazine the translation of an article initially published in The verge

TikTok’s most famous talking dog has inspired some serious research

Like many devoted dog owners, Alexis Devine spends hours every day sitting in her living room talking to her dog, Bunny. The peculiar thing is that Bunny “talks” back. Scroll through Devine’s TikTok page and you’ll see a stream of videos that follow the same general pattern. Bunny stands next to a collection of buttons on the floor, raises a paw, and presses down. The prerecorded buttons sound off in the order she presses them: “More, Scritches, Now.”

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Hi Provence.

This is a subject that fascinates me and something I would love to explore with my dog Tilly eventually as well. We are currently working on basic spoken and hand signal commands as I would like her to be a therapy dog when things open up again.

I also know of a gorgeous cat BilliSpeaks, who has a youtube, instagram and tiktok with these buttons and has grasped a large amount of words as well.

If you also use the hashtag hunger4words you can find lots of pets who are learning to talk with these speech buttons and you can find the speach language pathologist who taught her dog to talk and even wrote a book ’ How Stella Learned to Talk’.

Hope you have fun exploring
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