How are you spending New Years Eve?

After a cold but sunny walk, we are hunkering down with series 3 of the addictive French “Spiral” (Engrenage), cracking open a bottle of French wine and dreaming of our postponed holiday in Provence next year plus (hopefully) more pet-sits than this year allowed.
Happy New Year everyone, I have enjoyed your posts and photos. Let’s give three cheers for Angela and the THS team.
All together now, HIP HIP …


Sitting alone in Glasgow, watching rubbish on tv, I know it can only get better.
2021, I can’t wait. It will be different,
Happy new year to you all.


Happy New Year to all. My husband just joined me in Hilton Head Island, so we are going to have a quiet dinner and enjoy quality time with the pups. We just finished a nice hike at the Pickney Island image Nature Preserve and saw lots of birds and several dolphin.


Happy New Year :tada: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hunkered down in Cove, Scotland … not a popping cork in sight, things can only get better!


Bonne Année tout le monde. :champagne: Still 4 hours to go here before 2021 arrives.
Also by myself in Montréal, Québec, Canada. But Happy.
Snow has fallen today, kids around built a slide and it was a perfect Time to be outside.
Wish many more exchanges with this community in 2021.


Having a lovely quiet night in with hubby.
All food prep done.
Looking forward to having New years day
day sleep in.


I tried to comfort my puppy, neutered yesterday. Bad way to celebrate the end of the year for sure.
He’s not happy with his collar, this nightmare will last 12 days.
Tahoe does not understand why i do that

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We spent the evening at our new housesit. Our fourth time at one of our favourites in Norfolk. Unfortunately we spent most of the evening comforting two of the three dogs who were scared of the fireworks being set off. The other one couldn’t give a crap!