How can we delete posts when we made mistakes?

I sometimes answered in the “bad” category or answered totally “out of topic” to some member.
How can we delete a post (if nobody has answered to it) it seems we can modify, correct the orthography for a very short time
In the topic “gifts” I wrote something which would be better in “money” topic, but I can’t transfer the post.
Why that ?

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I think you need to have a higher level of permissions to delete. Standard members can’t do it.

@Provence on the comment panel are there three dots at the bottom (next to the link icon) click on those and there is a “bin” icon. Let me know if your access is different.

Thanks Angela
I could delete a reply which had no link with a thread but I have not been allowed to delete one topic I had suggested (about money), which was not read at all

A message appeared near the dust bin

Well I’ve deleted my post, with the help of Angela (using the bin) but could not delete a topic, although it was a topic I had opened (as nobody reacted)

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