How Did You Discover Trusted Housesitters?

I am curious to know how others found out about TrustedHousesitters. For me, I found out about THS like I do most things by pure accident like (this forum, Seinfeld, pineapple on pizza). I used to live in Sun City Center, FL and we would get a community newspaper weekly. About two years ago, there was an article discussing websites to visit for those wanting to visit different places around the world and be able to stay at others’ homes. One of those websites was THS, but it did not mention anything about petsitting. I went online and checked out THS and discovered that it was mostly about petsitting. I had a dog at the time and most homeowners did not want another dog to be in the home with their pet(s) for their own reason(s). So, I didn’t join at that time. But when I lost my bestie, Rocko, I decided to give THS a try and join. I am so glad I did, truly loving it.

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