How do I find a pet/house sitter

I live in a beautiful home in Dillon, CO. IM LOOKING FOR A HOUSE/ pet sitter for my 12 pound Shipoo, Toby.

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Hello and welcome. Toby sounds lovely, I am unable to see the photo you have posted of him though for some reason. We have visited Durango but not yet made it as far as Dillon but hopefully once the US & UK sort out the much hoped for travel corridor we can apply! :smiley:

Hello @Karenw703 Welcome to our community forum I have DM about your listing. It is now live on our TrustedHousesitters site, Toby is so cute. and you live in a stunning part of Colorado.

Now that your listing is live on the website sitters will apply via your account messaging system where you will be able to read their applications and view their profiles. Should you need any help with your listing do connect with our Membership Services Team and they will be delighted to help and you will find great advice and support from our members here on the forum.

Thank you again for joining us from Colorado and sharing Toby with us. Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members.

Angela and the Team

PS @Samox24 here is a picture of the adorable Toby



What is a Shipoo?

@Samox24 I guess that Summer 2021 transatlantic travel is now deff off (although Biden and Boris might make a deal this week?!) What do you think?

I am hoping that a date will be announced for the UK/US travel corridor following the G7. I am also still hopeful John & I will be able to fly out to the States by beginning to mid August :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Shitzu poodle mix