How do I find help to answer my questions?

For those new to TrustedHousesitters, and/or new to the community forum, the volume of information available can be encouraging and reassuring, but also overwhelming. For that reason, I thought I’d recap areas where members can source information:

THS now has three options for searching using the magnifying glass, searching key words.

Just a few key words will usually bring up a range of related posts.

If you don’t find your answer there, then post your question in the related category and forum members will do their best to assist you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Volunteer moderator :canada:


Well done @Snowbird. It must get tiring for you and other moderators to keep answering the same questions….I know I roll my eyes when I see the same things come up over and over! :flushed:


Hi @Smiley thank you for being considerate of some of the moderators responsibilities and the time it takes to manage the forum, that’s why we close very active posts from time to time … we actually get to breath for a moment.

As for repetitive questions many members are new and need help finding the topics of interest and are likely to ask the same questions as those who have gone before … signposting is the best way to help them, thanks @Snowbird :wink:

@Smiley - confession time, but don’t tell anyone :shushing_face: it’s only when I see the ‘sheets & towels’ post resurface that I go :grimacing: I know I’m not alone on that one either, as I’ve seen similar responses from other members :smiling_face:

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