How do I know which friends have signed up using my unique code

Is there any way we can find out who uses our unique referral code? I would like to be able to thank my friends for joining up and also offer them any help or advice on getting started.

Unfortunately not. I’m not sure if this is a privacy issue… GDPR… but will run by the team to see why it is as it is.

Thanks @Vanessa-ForumCMgr , I look forward to having a bit more info on why not.

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Hi @SchindlersOnTour I have a Classic membership (think that’s what it’s called!) as I did not change to the new tier memberships but opted to stay on the membership I have had since 2015. One of the advantages is I receive an email saying I have been given 2 free months because I have referred a friend. I can then go into my Dashboard and actually see who has just joined.

@temba I think on the Classic it gives you some of the email but not the full details? … that’s what makes me think it’s to do with the new privacy rules in Europe (which apply globally if you are based in UK or Europe) and subsequent disclosure of email addresses. But you are right. The Classic accounts still show part of the email so you can generally see if you recognize a friend.

Hi @Vanessa-ForumCMgr, I’ve never been able to see who’s joined from just the email. To me it’s just an alert so I know to check my Dashboard. If it’s not a friend who’s joined, I have difficulty working out who may have joined when I’ve given them a card but that’s to be expected. It’s just a nice surprise to see another member has benefitted from the discount and I have an extra 2 months.

Hi @temba
That is great news, I just checked out my dashboard and yes I can see part of the email and in this case I can work out which friends joined! Yay, thanks a million.

HI Vanessa
Thanks to @temba reply I checked out my dashboard and I can see part of the email of the person who joined up on my dashboard, that’s all I need to be able to work out who it is.

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