How do you do it?

This sounds great! A spider! What kind is it? Hope the sit continues to be lovely and you’re enjoying England -it’s been a very cold and rainy spring so far…

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There might be a specific time suggested, but I have a schedule too and it might be conflicting :upside_down_face: who will ever know…

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Don’t think for a minute I’ve been putting the dish-rack in the sink at that precise time. Yes, naughty me!

The point I was making is the absurdity of such pernickety instructions like this.

Nobody will ever know because I found the internal camera and unplugged it on Day 1. Hopefully, there aren’t any other sneaky ones situated around the house!


….apart from all the forum members :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and the dog & cat :eyes::eyes:


Can’t really argue with that, can I?! :laughing:

Luckily, neither that cat or the dog can snitch on me!!!

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@Chatsetchiens I hope that you asked THS to talk to the HO about internal cameras (citing rules against their use) and will definitely mention them in your review.

We do only cats and it’s much easier!
I’ve sat for dogs for many years and they are higher maitenance with walks needed throughout the day sometimes, as well as many dogs can only be left alone for 4-6 hours.

We typically don’t go off exploring every day for a million hours, but overall I’ve just found cats to be easier on a daily basis when I’m just working from home, and less concern for the days when we do want to plan a day trip. (Plus I just like them more! lol)

But that’s always an option - there are many Cat-only owners on here who love sitters who prefer cats too!

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