How do you react to a bad feed back or no feed back at all?

Do you ask owners to send you a feed back if they have not done it after a few days the sit was over, do you insist if they don’t do it ? When do you give up ? Do you write a feed back yourself if you never received any feed back ?
If for any reason, they gave you only 2, 3 or 4 stars, do you react ? If they wrote something you did not like? you think unfair, do you comment ? do you protest ? Do you write to THS ?
Have you ever been surprised between the apparent warm relationship and the further comment published ?

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Since reviews from both sides are arguably important for future sits, we bring it up when we’re handing everything back to the owner at the end of the sit. We simply let them know that it may take a couple of days, but that we’ll be leaving them a review and we hope they’ll do the same for us. Usually, this opens the door to a conversation about how the sit went, leaving no surprises when receiving or leaving feedback.

Also, during a sit, we kindly bring up concerns or challenges that we’re experiencing, like a pet being loud at night and disrupting sleep, or challenges with walks or feeding time. However, this isn’t just so that they know it’s happening, we bring it up constructively because the owners probably know creative solutions since they’ve likely been in the same situations.

After the sit is complete and we leave our review, that again brings it to the top of the owners mind, hopefully prompting them to also leave a review if they haven’t already. Additionally, we know that the website sends an automated message reminding them (that’s are understanding at least). And, if within a reasonable time (a week or so +/-) they still haven’t had a chance to leave a review, we send a gentle and friendly reminder. We understand that some owners have very busy schedules and that returning from a holiday can put an even heavier burden on their available time.

We’ve never had an owner not leave a review for us and we’ve only had a handful or less of owners that we asked multiple times.


I’m not sure THS sends automatically a request to the owner . But it’s quite easy to ask for it. I’m not sure all sitters know how to do it


All my reviews are 5 star - but I did receive a bit of a passive aggressive review once, even though they had given me 5 stars… it was very odd. I haven’t left my own feedback on them yet as I honestly don’t know what to say. I feel that they were almost jealous that their dog loved me and bonded with me so much! I sent them daily pictures of all the amazing adventures we went on - and just got very bland responses… so odd! Shame as I REALLY loved that dog!! It gave me real human like cuddles.


I once pestsat in a very cool and wealthy area of West Palm Beach, Florida with three lovely animals. The lady was the one who dealt with the assignment but the husband had no clue why my friend and I would do such a thing. Why fly to Florida during winter from Canada, use a beautiful pool and beaches with furry friends around ? We had a nice but short review. But if it would have been from the husband, I guess all we would have received would have been a big question mark !


As a sitter, I’ve never had a bad review but I’ve also sat for a few homeowners who didn’t give me any review which was very disheartening. I don’t think it had anything to do with them not being pleased as I have glowing reviews. After emailing three times to ask for a review I usually give up. It’s so important for sitters to receive good reviews. When I complete a sit I usually provide the homeowner with a review which I hope will prompt them to give me a review.


Annette, may be it would be more useful to use the request through THS site than sending HO a simple mail ?
Many sitters seem to wait for a feed back before giving theirs …


Oh I always do. Then if I don’t hear back I personally email the homeowners.


I’ve contacted TH in the past and asked them if they would “politely” remind the HO to leave feedback which has helped. I NEVER EVER leave my HO feedback until I have received my sitter feedback.

That’s good to know but is there a reason you wait until the sitter gives you feedback before you provide them feedback? I guess as a sitter, I expect to receive feedback first as to whether the homeowner was happy with us looking after their pets.

Why? If the owner has the same attitude, behaves like you,
well nobody will ever receive a feed back !
I may understand you fear a revenge in case you dislike the place, the pets and write it honestly but If you liked it ? Why not to tell the owner how pleased you were ?