How do you react to a bad feed back or no feed back at all?

Shrug my shoulders and carry on.

I know I’m good at what I do, the pet owners I have sat for know I’m good at what I do so no feedback doesn’t bother me. I have never had to deal with a bad review…so far…but I’m sure I’d get over it. It might dent my pride for a bit but I wouldn’t lose sleep.

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Lol that review is amazing. I can’t imagine showing up to that !

I would like to share my observations around reviews/replies and feedback.
When I joined THS in 2013 I am pretty sure that all the sitters who had sat for a HO appeared on the HO listing - as well as upcoming sitters.
This no longer seems to be the case and now only feedback (if any)
shows. I refer to the website and not the app.
My personal experience is that when a HO leaves me a review I reply with my comments about how the sit went. I do not leave feedback as well unless asked. This could account for sitters being concerned that some HOs do not have any or much feedback. I am also uncertain if the feedback facility was available when I started.
Another issue is that sitters leave feedback about HOs on Trust Pilot but surely that is to leave feedback about THS?
The whole issue seems very confusing to me and not everyone is computer savvy.

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Hello @Twitcher welcome to our community forum, thank you for your valuable feedback and for being a member since 2013, not long after we first started, giving you the knowledge and insight between then and now and you are so right, not everyone is computer savvy and they do need help on occasions which is where are wonderful Membership Services Team are a valuable support and resource.

We hope you enjoy being here, joining in the conversations and connecting with our members from around the world.

Thank you again and welcome.

I am perturbed because I have received no review from a sit I completed eight days ago. I sent a request through THS, and exchanged texts with the homeowners twice after that, the second two days ago. They assured me they would get to it. The wife assigned the husband to write it and he stated he is having a hard time using the phone app but would get to it. I just wrote again to THS Customer Support. We did a superlative job for these people (cooked, cleaned, did a repair, purchased items they needed, etc, etc.) and they told us we were the best sitters they ever had. I want to point something out that I only just realized. You can click on previous sitters’ feedback and be taken to their profiles. From there you can read the reviews the homeowner has written for the sitter. I see now that this homeowner had four sitters before me but only posted a review for one of them. You had best believe I will warn other sitters about this when I post feedback on these homeowners. I would request that Trusted Housesitters emphasize to homeowners that this is a two-way street and they are expected to promptly post reviews following a sit as a consideration to the sitter.

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Just as you observed, Provence, these people did not provide a welcome guide even though I requested one. They left two handwritten sheets and we had to text them to ask additional questions, such as how to operate the TV. They were not prompt in responding to messages sent through the THS sit but did respond to texts. As a matter of fact, that comprised all of our communication, following my initial application for the sit. They had already left when we arrived and had not yet returned when we left. I have never seen or spoken to them at all. After my third text to them requesting a review, sent today on day 9 since the end of the sit, I give up. These people seem to be in their late 20’s.

Hi @mars welcome to our community forum and I’m sorry you are experiencing a lack of response from the owners, both owners and sitters get reminders on day 1 and day 3 after completion of the sit. It’s an email with links to the review option on the website, however as this is an email, if either party have unsubscribed (to emails) they wouldn’t see it, have you sent the owner a message via the official messaging system as well as the texts?

Reviews for sitters and feedback for owners is so important, it’s an endorsement for the care and attention we share with one another, the win win win that is at the heart of what we do and why we do it. I have waited up to six weeks for an owner to provide a review not because they were never intending to provide one or that they were not 100% happy with us as carers of their home and pets but because life took over and they became very busy, they were most apologetic and I’m sure after explaining to them just what having that recognition of a job well done means to a sitter, even if you have many reviews already, they will have been more proactive with their subsequent sitters.

This may also happen with your review from this owner.

We are constantly looking at how we can best facilitate communications between members including providing reviews in a timely manner and suggestions or feedback from members is always greatly appreciated and considered carefully by the team

Thank you for joining the forum and do reach out to our Membership Services Team for help and advice.

Hi Angela,
Thank you for your reply. I have contacted member services about this issue twice but have not yet received a reply. Based on your experience, I will give these homeowners six weeks before I consider it a lost cause. At that point I will leave my feedback for the homeowners.

Hi @Angela-CommunityManager I finished a sit on Sunday and have received no email about leaving a review…

@JackieX Thanks for raising this… I’ve just repied on your other post about it with a quick question and will be looking into further with membership services, so will update you :slight_smile:

Hi again @mars I do hope sharing my experience gave you further insight, I have had other owners who have not been terribly quick in providing a review, however 6 weeks was the longest … hopefully that wont apply in your case.

Sharing your experience certainly put things in perspective. Thank you very much! It turned out the homeowners finally left me a great review two weeks after the sit. I am so pleased!

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Amazing, so happy for you and thank you for updating us. We do put such great store in our reviews, it’s recognition for the care and love we give to pets, homes and pet parents and no matter how many we have every single one is important and special. …

Although sometimes patience proves to be a real virtue, congrats again, here’s to the next one!!

Fortunately, I’ve not gotten any bad feedback yet - at least posted. I did get a direct message from a HO thanking me for taking good care of the 2 big dogs (who had to be walked separately) and the cat who had used peepads as well as a litter box but suggesting I could have been neater in the house. She didn’t post a review though and I didn’t ask for one.

Sounds crazy suggesting you should be neater in the house. Do you know what she meant?
I have seen listings when it states that the house must be kept tidy at all times. Why? It is impossible to keep every room tidy as we all have our stuff with no place for a lot of it to be put away.
We tidy up if a cleaner is due, but otherwise we do leave stuff out, e.g newspapers, books, our dry foodstuffs, shoes, coats.
As long as it is clean and neat when they return, what does it matter?