How easy to stop membership but rejoin later?

Obviously during lockdown none of us who paid for membership did many sits. For one year I have done the same sit so was it possible to stop membership during this time and continue when sit finished? Is it that easy to just stop but keep profile available and join when necessary?

Hi @123kitty What a lovely experience to have had a year long sit. The pets must feel so close to you now. Rather special.
If you choose not to automatic renew at the end of your membership, your membership will go into natural dormancy. Everything on your profile will stay exactly as you left it, so when you renew again, you can simply continue exactly where you left off.
I hope this helps and wishing you all the best.

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If you let it lapse for more than 2 years all your data had to be deleted, this is due to data protection legislation.
So best to renew before that time so you keep all your reviews.


If you are on the “Classic Membership” which no longer exists for new members, you won’t be able to return to this. You will have to pay more in line with the new Tier Memberships

Many thanks, I have been a constant member for about 7 years and this information may be of use occasionally. Many thanks for the response.