How long should a HO wait

Hi @Sunny15 the hamburger i.e, the menu is the 3 horizontal lines to the right of the blue refer friends button. See the arrow on the photo below I’ve marked up. You must be on the website, not the app, and you must be logged in.


I haven’t had responses to my ad. I tried “inviting” people but that hasn’t been successful. I’ve found from other sites that it really doesn’t work to just send out an invite since people who want to sit are already looking. I tried the “boost” function and can’t find that. Under manage my dates, just my dates come up and then either delete or add other dates. Any suggestions? Only 15 days left and I’m a little nervous.

Hi @Elaine1 if you add your listing link to your forum profile members of the group can take a look and see if there is any advise they can offer you