How long should a sitter's response take?

Hi @Sbwpatton. How are things now?

Here on the forums, other members can give constructive criticism on your listing. First, add your listing to your forum profile:

Then, you can make a separate topic to ask for feedback (or people may even reply in this topic).

Also, have you tried contacting the applicants you declined? Even if you didn’t get their contact info, you should still be able to message any previous applicants via your TH inbox…

Hi. I reached out to several who saved our listing and they all declined. I had one person apply but they would have brought their dog and that wouldn’t work with our dogs. So, unfortunately, there is not one through trusted housesitters and as we get closer it’s really important to our family that we have someone so I will likely be using someone locally. Next time, I will be more choosy on who I accept. Thanks,

She’s accepted the sit, correct?
Why do you keep sending her messages? Have your dates changed?

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Hi @Sarah2 if you haven’t done so already you should get your sitters direct contact details(e.g WhatsApp, no.) Asap. If you are still using the THS message page it sounds like you may not have even had a call with the sitter before confirming? If that’s the case, and she is not now responding, its even more urgent for you to establish direct contact. Get THS to alert her if necessary.

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I Have invited a lot of sitters a lot have declined ,with sorry unavailable on those dates, but there are a lot that have not seen post or not answered , a couple have read but not responded, not sure if l keep contacting or not ?
l am getting worried as l only have a few weeks left before my trip l hope l don’t have to Cancel

Hello @Janeanne As a sitter myself we try and reply promptly to any message and if we are busy we aim to reply within 24 hours.
The site guidelines ask members to reply within 72 hours. I think as long as you have sent the invite message, the sitter will follow up with you if available for your sit. Therefore in the examples you gave above, if they do not get back to you then I would not follow up with them.
Keep reaching out to sitters, your dates are 6 weeks away and there is still time for sitters to apply (I know that you would feel more comfortable getting everything sorted sooner that is completely understandable).
I can also see that you were talking to another member on a different thread so good luck with that :smiling_face:

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Thank-you Yes you are right l just feel more at ease if l know my FurBabbys & Home be cared for
Plus l was not sure about how long
Thank-you for your reply Appricated it


Hi @janeanne
Do you send personal notes with your invitations? I.e Addressing the sitter by name and perhaps commenting on their profile? As a sitter I am always open to invitations especially if coming with a personalized note where I can see the host has looked at our profile and is genuinely interested in us. I reply to every invitation one way or the other. If I’ve received a friendly note and if the sit looks nice but I can’t do those dates I’ll decline politely but express interest for future dates.
If the invite comes with no note I’ll assume the host is randomly inviting anyone and everyone in the hope someone will be available and interested! In those cases my reply will be shorter but I never like to decline without at least a one line note.
I do hope you find great sitters soon
Best of luck!

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Hi lokstar
Yes l do send a personal message to invite that person hoping they be available for my dates as this is my first time to ask someone to take care of my Beautiful FurBabby & Home
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:l hope l find someone soon to


@Lokstar yes, it is nice to receive a personal message along with the invite. I, like yourself always reply back to invites that have come with personal message.
I try to send a sorry not available message to invites with no message as that is the kind of person I am, though I must admit that recently I have just hit the decline button.
I kinda understand the way of inviting anyone and their auntie, a wee bit lazy in my opinion especially if the sit is way in the future… more understandable if its last minute
Happy Tuesday.


Us sitters have the same issues with home owners!!! Send invites out, be proactive and if someone is reading but not responding…they likely aren’t for you. I have a very LOW tolerance for people that can’t communicate…luckily, moving on is very easy to do!

Bottom line, your communication issues aren’t unique. Treat this as a numbers game, be proactive with your invitations and keep it up!

It seems some members on here are unable to afford boarding/doggy day care/kennell…so be lucky you have that as a backup.