How many pets have you (owners and sitters) or have you had?

Reading profiles on THS, introductions on this forum, blogs made by some of you, I noticed many sitters have had pets in the past and decided to pet sit when their animals passed away. Too much sorrow ? they did not take new ones… which makes traveling easier for sure!

Some younger ones manage to sit with their pets. I would love to do the same. I’ll try but my puppy still bites furniture, tears materials, I can’t take the risk, I have to wait he grows up !

how many pets have you had, have you still ? When you own snakes, is it easy to find a sitter ? Is there as much competition ?

The photos below are my 2 former dogs : unfortunately Foudre died in 2018 and Nuage, 5 months ago. 6 different couples of sitters have kept them at home.

I still miss them a lot, even if I adopted a new dog, Tahoe, last july. A couple of sitters has kept Tahoe and Zig the cat in august (whilst we were looking after 2 cats in Kent)


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Hi fellow sitters,
When we decided to pack up and start travelling after we both retired our biggest decision was our dog Jessie at the time. We knew we wanted to travel at least for a couple of years so started the process for her to come with us. We had no idea if this would work out but there was also no way we would leave here for that length of time. So finally after about 8mths and 1000s dollars later we all arrived in the UK. Her trip was more expensive than our business class ticket!!

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Pt 2
I don’t think she enjoyed the whole process because the night before she had to be left in special kennels before departure and in her 6yrs we had never left here in kennels. That was hard for us as we could hear her crying, and I guess the flight couldn’t have been great for her, but when we picked her up a day later she was so excited to see us and other than dying for a toilet break she was fine. After that she had such a good life with us. Here in Australia, the rules for taking dogs to hotels, pubs, shops and public transport is very strict. So different in UK and Europe, she soon learnt to sniff out a pub because she knew she would usually get a treat inside, she went up the snowlift in Austria, went punting in Cambridge and stayed in the Hilton in Germany.
We got many housesits with her, she would accept everyone. Finally she passed away on a farm sit in Scotland. The owners of the house were home at that time and very kindly let us add her to their pet cemetery and let us leave a headstone on their property.
So if you have the right dog , travelling with a pet is not hard

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@Vsnedden i guess it’s your dog’s attitude which allows you to take him or not. But how can you be sure the other dogs, accept friendly your own pet on THEIR territory? Or that the owner’s cat will not go away during your stay if your dog scares him?
As a sitter i would like to pet sit with my dog, as an owner i would fear my cat is unhappy with an unknown dog at home. He was ok with my former dogs, but with my new puppy he’s not very happy sometimes . And he did harm to the puppy’s eye with his claws …defending himself. Imagine you have to face such a situation in an owner’s home?
The scottish family has been charming, it’s much better to know that Jessie remains near other beloved dogs.

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