How many red flags can you identify in this housesit 'opportunity'

What are the strangest requirements you’ve been asked to meet in order to qualify for a sit? I ran across an interesting one recently…

Every once in a while I see a homeowner asking for way too much from an exchange. This particular sit is on an Island in the ocean with very expensive flights to get there and back. When I asked what the owners expectations were, this was there reply. To me, this seems like an owner trying to take advantage of a sitter. What do you think?


No, I’m sorry. You are asking far too much of a sitter who is not being paid. You need to hire a professional paid sitter in my opinion. Best wishes

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Next: You’ll need to give them one of your kidneys.


I agree there are plenty of red flags but THS does allow owners to ask for a contribution to utilities and they’ve clearly laid out those expectations in their responsibilities section. As for the rest, the reviews tell you everything you need to know. I wouldn’t even have sent an application, tbh.

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That kind of thing is also on Greek islands…

The strangest thing that I have seen was in remote Central America where the home was a construction project that the sitter would be working on.

I saw a post where you had to paint garden furniture as part of the responsibilities.

There were animals too, can’t remember how mqny but I’m sure it was more than one and at least one dog.

Pay a a lot to get there, pay for a B&B before the sit to fit their schedule, it’s a small place with two perhaps semi-wild dogs and cover all their utilities. Exactly where is the Sitter “win” in this equation? Someone who lives on this island and needs a place short term might be interested. Likely a small pool given it’s an island.
Now, had they offered to pay for the B&B & the utilities, and a Sitter has experience with “street dogs” and wants to visit that island I’m guessing they might find someone but… as described?

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My goodness, I’m surprised they didn’t ask for your unborn child.

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No way, that would use too much utilities again, you see the problem?


Yeah nah. That sounds too much like a scam for me even if it was a legit house sit


I could see a reason for needing you there 2 days before as with ex-street dogs they can come with trust issues or other bad behaviours and you need to make sure the sitter has enough time with them to be shown how to handle them and to build a bond. Also the property could be more hands-on being possibly slightly off-grid or an awareness of how island built places can be. If they have a small place it could also mean they can’t host you for those 2 days.
However then wanting all their costs paid so they’re not out of pocket while their house and dogs get looked after is a huge red flag.

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Just looked at the sit listing. You definitely need to read the reviews.
Gardening requirement is hard work on a steep property in the rainy season :neutral_face:
Sitters have to pay for dog treats :astonished: :astonished:
Sitters caught by sudden ‘price increases’ for the utilities and also expressing that utility cost doesn’t seem related to usage.
Also these are 1 month stays or less and I don’t think any utility costs should be included for such short stays or at all in such a basic accommodation (really small, fold-away beds, self-built and rainwater for your water supply).
I guess they will find someone though who wants to try island life.

Is there a link to the listing that I am not seeing here?

No link but there’s enough in the original post to find the Caribbean listing.

I saw this listing when it was new and was interested due to proximity to good diving. It was nothing but red flags so I passed.

Rescue dogs can be bathed if you know how to interact with them properly. Mine was first bathed outside with the lure of salmon. You’ll bathe yourself in the process but it gets easier. Not reasonable to have them in the house in that condition.

The owners comments to her sitters reviews are revealing.

The HOs expectations about chores are unacceptable. She needs an employee, not a sitter. Stunning that she criticized the gardening skills of a sitter who had commented that it was very arduous work weeding a steep terrace during the rainy season. The water system of course is to be expected. But the gardener should be included.

The financial outlay is extraordinary. Flights are expensive and the cost of the extra days are on the sitter. Then they are expected to pay all utilities with vague and possibly incorrect bills.

One big red flag. And a hypercritical owner.

This reminds me of the sit I saw which was basically looking for free farmworkers.

@IHeartAnimals I’m good with the firstborn child request.

Is it listed under a country? Caribbean doesn’t yield anything for me ( other than a town in Jamaica called Caribbean Park whicch was for cats). I am really curious to read it.

If you look anywhere on the map for live Caribbean sits right now you’ll find it @MaggieUU :+1:t3:

@Cuttlefish . Cheers for that!
Have read it now. Big NO from me

But the sitter has to pay for the surgery to remove the kidney.

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