How many red flags can you identify in this housesit 'opportunity'

I just read the listing and HO replies on sitter reviews. Regardless of how amazing the island might be, absolutely not worth the expense and demands HO puts out. I’d never apply to such a thing. There are red flags written all over it. But to each his own.

@Lassie, and probably for the cost and honor of having that kidney implanted.

I thought the three dirty dogs and the self-built home they call “da shack” while paying all my own expenses was bad enough. I wouldn’t apply. But then I read the owner’s responses to former sitters. And for someone to criticize a volunteer for their gardening skills? Yikes. Huge red flag. But amazingly enough, they have one sit reviewing and one that has three or four applicants already.

Yep. She is showing everyone who she is. I for one believe her. Let the sitter beware.

good grief, just read the listing… keep swiping, next please

I did feel good about passing on this one! I do think some (a small minority) of hosts do try to take advantage of sitters. It’s unfortunate! Thankfully I really do think it’s a very small percentage

The thing is I recall staying in places when I was younger, where young backpacking couples were taking on various “light” work projects in return for free room and board. These didn’t usually involve petsitting, but might have involved gardening, home repairs, dealing with paid guests, painting, etc. It was exploitative, but usually young, eager travelers on extreme budgets would be happy to do it.

I think some petparents are mistaking THS for the digital 21st century version of THAT. Those listings shouldn’t get past an initial screening IMO. Trusted Housesitters needs to be better branding.

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This is again an example of being grateful for honest reviews. The listing makes the garden sound nice / easy enough. Until you read the honest reviews, then you get the real picture. Very steep inclines, lots and lots of weeding and something else I can’t remember. Same with the utilities and the dogs’ behaviours and smelliness. The reviewers were honest, without ever being mean. Gold stars for them.


That’s what workaway is for, no?

That and the old kibbutz volunteer system (which I think is largely defunct now).
I guess it can be exploitative but it can also be hugely rewarding if you find the right one - a bit like pet-sitting :slightly_smiling_face:
Some of the better ones would only need you for short periods and you got to build something with your hands, which is often it’s own reward, and then got to stay on for a period with no obligations.
You can always find your own opportunities through happenstance. I was once in a hostel (you used to be able to find great deals at hostels where they had a private room and en-suite but still the hostel vibe) and the bartender mentioned the wiring was giving them trouble. One of the guests at the bar was an electrician and ended up doing some re-wiring for accommodation and beers. He was happy, they were happy.


@cawosey My hubby is a graphic designer. He once drew a map on a guesthouse wall in Turkey for beers and a few other perks. It was a cool place, so we were happy to do anything to stay longer.


Ex Street Dogs (some are very well adjusted and behaved, I will say “some”) the red flag, you need to be here 2days before, this does NOT sound like an enjoyable sit, even if it is on the Beach in a stunning location (IDK the listing) hard pass, sounds like the HO let the Gardener and Household staff take Holidays at the same time and expect the Sitter(s) to pick up the Jobs and the exact standards. Some Gardening like putting the lawn mower over, watering, picking fruit and veg if they have them sure thing, keeping the house clean and tidy in the same way that you found it when you walked in, is a given, anything more is again the HO expecting a “deep clean” for free. Sure it’s a desirable location, however I can’t see how this could be enjoyable, especially if you need a 2 day handover, which I am thinking the HO is not taking you sightseeing and out for meals in this time, sounds like you are hands on from the crack of dawn to get the “routines or anticipated routines” down pat. It is sounding like the Dogs have little or no training and quite possibly have behavioural concerns, sadly it comes with Street Dogs, nothing about this sounds enjoyable and other’s posts who have seen the listing and HO response seems that you are never going to be enough for this HO. I wonder if they have looked into a paid sitter and what that costs, I’m tipping they have and thought THS is their Answer because even though most of us Sitters would after looking at this Listing properly not bother applying, there will be loads to who do, this sets that standard for this HO who can potentially every future listing ask even more of the Sitters, just because they are in a desirable location and because past Sitters have agreed to everything the HO has requested up front, they know if they don’t the HO will review about it and if the HO is not happy with the level of service (IE the Gardening) clearly they are going to write about in the review, the Sitter can’t possibly know what they are really getting themselves into until they are on the Ground and at the local B&B, it’s a bit late then.
Happy Sitting.

I agree with your answer :sunglasses:

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I’m closing this topic to new replies, as it’s getting a bit personal towards this particular owner, and it looks like there were enough identifying details in the original post for others to locate their listing.

As we mention in our Community Guidelines it’s fine to disagree with something, but with a kind and respectful narrative, and some of the comments were a bit on the nose.

That being said, the subject of what you all think are red flags in a potential house sit is an interesting one, and if anyone wanted to start a more general discussion around “what do you consider to be a red flag on a sit”, then that would be fine as long as it wasn’t personal towards a specific person or sharing text directly from a listing which could make it identifiable.

Thanks for your understanding.

Jenny :slight_smile:

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