How Pets Saved Us During The Pandemic - Fran & Marco

“How Pets Saved Us During The Pandemic” … In Memory Of Barney
TrustedHousesitters Members Fran & Marco @maptheunknown produced and directed this heartwarming and compelling video sharing their pandemic story. Caring for beloved canine members Barney & Brodie they show just how the human friendships we make connect our global, pet loving community and show the places pet and housesitting can take members to, when it’s safe to travel. Pets, People & Places our TrustedHousesitters favourite things.

Sadly we said goodbye to Barney in November, this video is dedicated to this lovely boy, a pet member of TrustedHousesitters for five years, he had 18 sitters, everyone of them doing what we sitters do … fall in love. Run free Barney. :heart: