How quick would you expect reply from Sitter

Oh! I see the status now. After posting on the forum, I sent a message to a local sitter and can see a little envelope picture in the bottom right corner of the message I sent and it says UNREAD so that means the sitters that I sent an invitation to that don’t have that unread label have seen my email and just aren’t responding. : - (

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As a sitter, my email to a homeowner shows greyed out and ‘unread’ in my inbox until the homeowner opens it. Once they open it, it changes to green and ‘read’. There’s nothing, at the corner when they are incoming emails, to me. I hope that helps. Otherwise, maybe someone with a homeowner account can clarify that for you.

Just curious as to etiquette re answering invitations from homeowners to pet sit. On more than one occasion I’ve invited sitters, who I can see have read my message but who never reply. It does mean that I am waiting anxiously for a reply before moving on to invite another sitter. What do most pet sitters think about not replying, I feel there should be some sort of response, even if it’s a no!

Personally I reply pretty much as soon as I see the message.

There has been times when I couldn’t give a definitive answer about doing the sit but even then I acknowledge the invite and explain I’ll keep an eye on the listing for when I have more concrete future plans.

It’s just basic manners to me but we’re all different!

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Hello @Pushkina. Many homeowners who directly invite sitters sending out multiple invites at the same time, in part for the very reason you’re experiencing. As long as you make your wording reflect that you are inviting them to apply, rather than wording that suggests they are the only person you are inviting, then all is good. If you do make arrangements with a sitter, then you can message the others with an update and all is well. As long as you are considerate and courteous, it’s fine to do that.

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I would recommend not waiting for people to respond before you invite more. That will be a big waste of time for you as many people won’t see your message and/or won’t respond.