How to ask HO if you can have a guest

Hi all. I’m wondering how to approach a HO about bringing a guest along on a sit, or in my case, allowing a relative to come visit for a few days? Not sure if/how to do this so any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!


If it were me, I would email them first to give them the time and comfort to say no, rather than asking on a phone call or in person. And I would word it in such a way to show that I have no expectations and fully understand if they’re not comfortable with it.

Also - I would read through their post again and make sure they’ve not said anything about visitors already, and may even read any reviews to see if any other sitters have mentioned visitors.


As HO I would be open to it but I’m pretty sure THS has rules against guests who aren’t members because of insurance. I’d check that first.

We have asked twice and both times had very enthusiastic answers. Both times were unexpected visits from overseas family. I made plain that it was not a deal breaker, they would find accommodation near by and if they did allow us to have them stay we would make sure all bed linen, towels etc were washed and dried. No problems.
The most embarrassing situation was when friends turned up for a day visit without telling us beforehand. We had told them we were going to be nearby and we would visit them but they came to us instead. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day and we sat in the garden but it still could have been embarrassing if the neighbours had made a off hand remark about it when they got back.


You’re already getting some good advice on this question, but here’s another thread on this topic from slightly different perspective you might also find interesting to read.

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