How to Confirm sitter

First timer here. We thought we confirmed our sitter. Pressed the Confirm button but every time I want to add info for the sitter about our house it always says confirm sitter.
In addition, we have spoken to our sitter & verbally confirmed. This image below keeps popping up
What’s the deal?

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Hi @Penni your sitter is confirmed I’ve had a look at your account and really not sure why you are getting this message either … I

am going to pass this to the Membership Services Team for one of them to pick up when they are back online. @Katie-MembershipServices

BTW I absolutely love your location, we kitty sat there 4 times …

Thanks for handling this.
And you can stay at our home anytime !

Penni Gladstone

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I had/have the same problem, but I know my sitter is confirmed and has had my welcome pack, so I’m ignoring it! :rofl:

Ditto! This feature does not seem to be working correctly.

Hi all… am tagging @Therese-MembershipService so she can help/advise on this.

Hi … The best way to share the welcome guide is, once you have confirmed your sitter, to go to the count-down clock … and Share the guide there rather than use to top Welcome block on your dashboard. There are a few issues around sharing from this block at the moment, so do apologize for this in the interim. I hope this helps and please do email us at support@trustedhousesitters if anyone is having issues with sharing their welcome guide. We are always happy to help. Many thanks … Kind regards Therese


Hi all,

We are aware of this issue and are actively working on a solution which will make the sharing of the welcome guide clearer and easier for owners.