How to do "exchange" travel - I watch your pet, you watch mine?

Hello -
I joined last May 2022 when retiring and wanting to take a 3 week trip…without worrying about my Bootsie, and wanting to avoid expense. I am a world traveler who recently stumbled upon TrustedSitters - I LOVE it - so far, so great. I’ve done three trips, and had two sitters who were fabulous.

Now I want to try sitting for someone in a place I want to go. What I can’t seem to do is find a way to propose an EXCHANGE with HO/PS’s who might want to visit Boston, USA. People open to coordinating on dates where I go to their place to watch their kitty(s), while they come to mine to watch my Bootsie. I tend to think it’s an ideal situation - we’d both have strong stakes in everything going well.

I can find no feature on this site that helps enable that sort of thing. Am I just missing it? For now, I’m planning on creating a sit, and then doing a private invite to it with a dual HO/PS and propose the exchange in the invite. Would that be cheeky of me? Is it even allowed? Have any of you ever tried or done that before?
Nancy from Boston

It’s not really what the site was built for and based on my friends who do home exchanges without pets, it can be fairly difficult to organize. plus how would you do handover if you both need to be at each other’s homes on the same start/end dates? I have a friend who finds a sit they want to do and then finds a sitter to come to her house and take care of her dog while she’s gone. That seems to work a lot better and gives everyone transition time.

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Hi @Nan4canada

While we don’t have home swapping on the site, you have received great feedback on that from other members already, we do have a COMBINED MEMBERSHIP plan which allows members to enjoy both sides of our win win win (the third win is for the pets) which I believe you have already and enjoying sitting as well as having sitters.

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I would LOVE an exchange or “swap” feature! I live in Washington DC, which is an easy 3 hour or less drive or train trip to many other cities, mountains and beaches. I have used regular sitter situations through TH many times for planned trips.

But say there is an art exhibit in Philadelphia that I would like to see, and there is an exhibit you want to see here in DC - dates are flexible - lets swap! You have a house in the Shenandoah but would love a taste of city life. I love city life but would love a little pastoral escape - dates are flexible - lets swap!

With Zoom, facetime etc. it is easy to do a virtual meet and tour, keys can always be left in a lockbox, and local friends can be available for any questions.

(And I am actually looking for a swap for Philadelphia sometime before January 9 to see the Suzanne Valadon exhibit at the Barnes.)


Hi @victoriamck welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining us from DC … we have discussed swapping here on the forum it’s always interesting to get member’s perspectives and feedback on these subjects … thank you for yours.

Enjoy connecting with our forum community and having many conversations.

Angela and the Team