How to set up membership when you own 2 homes?

I am looking forward to Travel after Covid and want to find sitters for our 2 sister kitties. I found Trusted house sitters and like what I see so far. If I join, is it possible to setup both my homes? Depending on the trip, we leave from either my Massachusetts or Florida home. How do I set this up? Hopefully, I would not have to pay for 2 subscriptions. Thanks for your help.

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Hello Trudzie. I think you need to publish your post in the help section.
Angela the community manager will answer uou

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I assume that you only need a sitter for one home and not for both at the same time. Then you just can to describe precisely that in your profile. Upload photos of both homes and adjust just before you put it online only the location you need. Also, your communication with the sitter must be very detailed so that he knows which home you are talking about.

As I understood the THS-portal, one membership is considered one profile. The only way to have two profiles is one as a homeowner and one as a sitter. But that is not what you need.
I could not find any hint that you can have maybe one active profile and several inactive ones.
So, If you want to assign both homes simultaneously or if dates overlap, you will need two memberships.

If THS offered that, you could certainly buy such a membership. But I do not see this option on the pricing page.

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I think the category is ok. She thinks about “Becoming a member”.

Maybe @Katie-MembershipServices can answer this.

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Thank you for your prompt response! Yes it would only be one house or the other depending on time of year.

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Hi, @Trudzie welcome to the forum, we are delighted to hear you are looking to join our community.

Unfortunately, you can’t list two homes at the same time. We do have a few owner members that have multiple homes so what we suggest is that you upload one house information(House A) and save a copy of it, then when you want to change it to your other house information(House B) you would need to remove House A info and upload House B info.

Or like @StefanK suggested you can add both houses’ information and images into your listing but ensure that in the home/location section you have distinct sections describing house A and house B.

It does, unfortunately, mean that there will be a bit of editing each time you list new dates, but if you save your information it will just mean copy and pasting.

If you have any other questions please let me know, or you can contact us at

Katie - Membership Services

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