How To Use Our Community Forum Guide - Updated

Welcome to our Community Forum, whether you are a new or experienced member of TrustedHousesitters we hope you will enjoy communicating and connecting with members from around the world.

Need some help in getting the best out of your forum user experience? For a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know, please head to our How To Use Your Community Forum


Hello Forum Members.

Since launching the Forum there have been changes and additions to the functionality which have been included in this updated version of the “How To Use Our Community Forum”

Even if you have been on the Forum since the beginning we would encourage you all to read this update.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our members for making our TrustedHousesitters community forum such a great place to be, not just for members but for our team as well.
Getting to know one another better is how we continue to help build a strong and caring community.

What is so inspiring is witnessing members helping members in such a positive way … members guiding and helping one another and sharing stories and experiences.

Thank you again.

Angela and the Team

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Excellent @Angela-CommunityManager .

Well laid out and easy to use.

The Screenshots make a big difference.


We’ve had request for a refresher post of the the “How To Guide”

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I have noticed a lot of new members joining the Forum recently, this is a good guide to some of the features.


Great flag thank you Petermac …

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If you click on your picture in the top right-hand corner, a number of options appear.
Each of these options has a subsection.
It is worth having a look and this helps you make the most of your Forum experience.

Please add any other “help” option you can offer to other Forum members below.

If you don’t have a Forum picture, you can load one using one of the options above…