How to withdraw application

If you need to merge this no problem…i want to withdraw an application due to HO not responding after I sent follow-up message. It’s been over a week. Thanks in advance

@Catgoddess_99 , just click on the dates box again on your application- this will withdraw it and give you the option to leave a message telling the home host why you are withdrawing

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Go to your sits
All dates and updates
And you’ll see the option to cancel

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In the app you just have to go on inbox, scroll up to the dates and cancel your application.

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I think I would be best if you send the message after you cancel. Often times the HO will miss it if you send it before.

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I wouldn’t even bother leaving a message if the home owner hasn’t responded to your two messages. I’m still following a sit I applied to on 16 July with no response. I just withdrew with no message. However, maybe it would be a good idea to let the owner know the reason for withdrawal - lack of response. You might find that prompts a reply :grinning:

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I just told them something else came up, without going into detail. Short and simple.

I sent them a brief message explaining the reason. I can’t be bothered with unreliable people, since I’m just the opposite.

That’s great. If more sitters do that maybe home owners will start replying promptly and won’t leave us hanging for days.


I routinely withdraw my application if HOs don’t reply promptly. In multiple cases, they’ve immediately replied and asked me to sit, including offering date flexibility in some cases. I’ve declined each of those. I figure if they’re less motivated than I am about nailing things down, I can match with better fits among HOs.

In one irrational case, a HO (who wanted someone who knew the area) msg’d me with less than two weeks before an international sit to ask whether I was still available, because they’d just gotten to reviewing applicants.

For the price of even inconvenient last-minute airfare with multiple stops, I could instead book my own vacation with a hotel, without the responsibilities of sitting anyone’s home or pets. And I could choose a better neighborhood and time at my convenience, LOL.

I not only know the area well; I also speak the language.