ID verification problem

I am trying to upload my driver’s licence for ID but each time I submit photos the system says they are too blurry. Any tips on how to submit successfully. Do I need to magnify before taking the shot?
It has to be done on cell.
I am new to THS and want o get started to gain experiences. Thank you for any advice. Apologies for not being smart enough to figure it out myself. Thank you.

Hi! Make sure you have enough light (natural light is best) and your hand doesn’t shake at all when taking the photo. Maybe you can photograph with a camera and email THS with it as a very last resort although you have to be careful with emailing such important documents. Good luck!

Thank you for your advice. They do not accept email, I wish they did.
Maybe I should just use my passport since its bigger, and easier to read.

Hello! When I did it the system also said my images were too blurry (though I could read the info on my ID perfectly) and I think I may have tried about 4-5 times and then a notification popped up and asked me if I wanted to submit the blurry images anyway. I clicked yes and I don’t remember how long later but the submission was successful. So, I’m not sure what was happening at the other end of the system but it worked out in the end