ID Verifications

Thank you for the update @katz and apologies for the delay, I will check to see what the likely cause might have been.

Good luck with your applications and welcome again to our community.

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I am trying to upload my driver’s licence for ID but each time I submit photos the system says they are too blurry. Any tips on how to submit successfully. Do I need to magnify before taking the shot?
It has to be done on cell.
I am new to THS and want o get started to gain experiences. Thank you for any advice. Apologies for not being smart enough to figure it out myself. Thank you.

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Hi! Make sure you have enough light (natural light is best) and your hand doesn’t shake at all when taking the photo. Maybe you can photograph with a camera and email THS with it as a very last resort although you have to be careful with emailing such important documents. Good luck!

Thank you for your advice. They do not accept email, I wish they did.
Maybe I should just use my passport since its bigger, and easier to read.

Hello! When I did it the system also said my images were too blurry (though I could read the info on my ID perfectly) and I think I may have tried about 4-5 times and then a notification popped up and asked me if I wanted to submit the blurry images anyway. I clicked yes and I don’t remember how long later but the submission was successful. So, I’m not sure what was happening at the other end of the system but it worked out in the end

Hi @evag008, I also got the same message (amongst others) when trying to upload my driving licence. The system is very picky, even when the photo looked clear to me.

Evident’s support person confirmed that if you receive that message 3 times, you will then be asked if you want to submit anyway, So long as the ID looks clear enough to you in the photo, go ahead and submit it when you get the opportunity.

You do need to get the message about it being blurry three times consecutively for the “Do you want to submit it anyway?” to appear. I kept getting different errors as well, so it took a while to get 3 in a row!

However much I try photographing my driving license or bus pass to verify who I am the site keeps saying photo too blurry! I must have tried at least 10 times over the past months. Now I want to apply for a sit (probably missed out now) I can not apply until the verification is complete. I have tried contacting this site but no reply as yet?

Hi @123kitty and I can appreciate your frustration. Only a very few number experience issues, but that doesn’t make it less annoying when you are one of those people. I’ve moved your question .here as this thread has some helpful suggestions, such as @Debbie above who mentions the three time messages and notification to submit anyway. Might be worth trying. I will tag @Therese-Moderator who can also follow up track your contact with membership services when she’s back on line tomorrow (Monday). In the meantime you may hear from the weekend team. All the best, Vanessa and the forum team.

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I also had problems having my driver´s license verified. But when I uploaded my passport it went through in a sec. I am guessing perhaps only American licenses are accepted.
p.s. bus pass can never work

UK driving licences are also accepted. Another oddity of the system for UK members using a driving licence for their verification is that you have to submit your driving licence using the ID card option. There was no option to select driving licence as a form of ID.

Thanks for this Debbie… I’ll pass this on to the team tomorrow to see if they are aware or if we can add that to guidance if not.

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If you don’t have a scanner, there are two apps you can try that are specifically for taking pictures of documents and photos: Google Photoscan and MS Lens.

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@123kitty If you have tried @Debbie suggestion and that still has not worked, If I can kindly suggest that you use a friend’s good smartphone and log into your account on their browser with your email and password. Go to verifications and follow the process through again. Sometimes another phones may take a better picture of the ID for some reason. Don’t forget to log out of your account at the end of the process.

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Has anyone had their data removed from Evident?
I asked Membership Services to arrange for mine to be removed in line with suggestions from the CEO when the mandatory requirement was launched.
I received a response stating I can confirm evident have advised the data for (my email address) has been cleared
This took over a month and rather than returning to Membership Services I am wondering whether anyone else has asked and whether they have received more specific information as this response is so vague?
Thank you

Just joined house sitters and have my first sit. Stupidly (I know!!) I didn’t realise home owners were not verified - assumed they would be as I, as a would be sitter, was.

I’m a lone female, travelling to a new area. Any tips on how I can ensure this is a safe, genuine sit? Owners have one review to date.

Btw trusted house sitters; I’m pretty unhappy to find out your owners are not verified in the same way sitters are. This needs to be prioritised and set up asap.

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This was my feeling too. Trust goes both ways and this was the foundation of “Trusted House Sitters”. By having the ID and background checks just for the sitters, it places the sitters at a lower level than the HO. It says HOs are inherently trustworthy, sitters are not. It says we worry about the HOs safety and concerns more than we worry about the sitters’ safety and concerns.


Trust is a feeling.

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I agree. The only thing is HO’s are not asked to provide ID or even proof of the address of the home. I find that imbalanced & a bit nerve wrecking. Ive come to double check property addresses & do a search for them on Google via their names if the home is rural or international.


Thank you! Yes it’s a good idea however I’ve been refused by HO’s to show their ID. Obviously I passed on the sit.

Take rubbing alcohol & clean your id with it & a tissue. Don’t touch the flat surfaces before taking the pics.