If youhave to cancel, how can help sitters who have faced expenses?

On another forum, I read that some owners have cancelled a sit (because of Covid I guess), when sitters had already paid their ticket or rent a car…

How do you help sitters in that case or for any other reason ? Do you warn THS, help them to find another sit (asking your own friends who could need a sitter even if not a member of THS ?)

Do you pay some money back ? Do you share ?

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Would personally try to help them with food and a bed


As a sitter, I’ve had two last-minute cancellations. One because the owner’s pet died and she invited me to stay regardless, the second because the owner became ill and couldn’t travel. She offered to pay hotel accommodation for me. I didn’t need to take up either of their offers - in the first case I found another last-minute sit close by and in the second I stayed with friends. As I usually travel from Italy to the UK to sit, I try to find sits that are not too far from friends or family so that I have some back-up in the eventuality of any problems arising.


Thank you for joining our forum @SueB-P and for sharing your recent experiences, it’s so sad when we hear of owners losing their beloved pets and how kind of both owners to consider your situation also, given their own circumstances … our community working from the heart, we hear so many stories like yours and find it truly humbling.

Thank you also for sharing your planning strategy, so wise to have that plan B in place we never know when “life happens” and it does, as most of us have experienced … 2020 is proof of that!

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members and welcome again.

Angela and the Team

That has only happened once-due to covid. My flight was cancelled. I offered to have the sitters come and stay with me so they would not have to forfeit their plane ticket or incur a penalty. When they checked with their airline, the company was willing to give them an exchange for a future flight.