Importance of feedbacks

2 days ago i found an offer "near Paris " i wanted to apply but i read first 2 feedbacks.
Previous sitters warned future applicants that sit was 45 mn from Paris with public transportation…
I sent a message to the owner asking where she was living precisely

She answered. Gave the name of the suburb town.
I declined.

1/ Paris and suburb atmospheres are very different

2/ how THS can mention
Paris if the town area code is not Paris ?

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Good Detective work.

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For me, the feedbacks are a big factor in deciding whether or not to apply to a housesit. But I also read through the reviews for the sitter to understand both sides of the story.

That doesn’t mean that if there are no feedbacks that I won’t apply. HO also start from scratch. Only when several sitters were there and feedbacks are missing then I make my thoughts.

But everyone reads the feedback as it suits him. One is bothered by the big city, the other it is too rural. Clean or dirty, modern or old-fashioned furnishings, that’s all very relative and probably depends on what you would like. I try to read between the lines. For example: The dog was very energetic and not to get tired. Sounds like fun or stress. Fun if you want to hike for 10 hours, stress if you are planning a relaxing vacation.

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