Innovative homeowners

I’m on a sit in a remote area of Scotland and behind the house is some great forestry which no one typically ventures into apart from the owners on their dog walk. Therefore, it’s unmarked and the path is very rustic/non existent. So i dont get lost the HO has guided my way using sticks, (which definitely gives me Blair Witch vibes) and is also very handy!! Has anyone else come across HO ingenuity to solve a problem/assist you? Anything at all!


@PetsSit Love this! Hope you are having fun exploring, but making sure you leave a trail of bread crumbs wherever you go…

I can’t think of an example of HO ingenuity (sorry HOs!) but once had a sit with a Weimeraner who refused to budge from where she was seated in the garden and come into the house when called. Eventually her stubborness won me over and I went outside to investigate, and she led me to where one of the tiny rescued kittens (an unexpected part of the sit) was trying to make a break for freedom through the gate and into the neighbour’s land, where fierce doggies roamed. It was a real lesson for me in paying attention, and listening to what animals are trying to tell you. She was a smart dog, and usually did as asked, but she knew the kitten was in danger.


wow, I love this story. it has made my day.

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@PetsSit Not a direct response to your question but I use a workout tracking app (Strava or GPS Tracks) when walking pets in a new area whether hiking through olive groves on Crete or through fields in England. It tracks where I’ve gone & I can usually find my way back or if not, I can always retrace my route back.


I’ve not got lost in the countryside but I did get lost in the suburbs of Dusseldorf. I now take photos as markers when I go for my first walk in a new area.

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