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Hi, I’ve been a member, on and off, with THS since 2011 though only recently have upped my participation in house sitting after taking early retirement. I’m an ex veterinary nurse who grew up on a farm and have always traveled for work or pleasure. House sitting combines all these factors in the best possible way. As basically I’ve been constantly on the move for the past 20 years I’ve not been able to have my own pets so looking after other people’s pets is a privileged. After veterinary nursing I retrained in my 30’s as a marine biologist and again as a horticulturalist in my 50"s and more recently I’ve been working as a domiciliary carer as this gives me flexibility to take time off to house sit. During 2020/21 I really enjoyed house sitting in my own country, UK but in the winter I prefer to head for warmer climes.


Hello @Creaturecomforts and a warm welcome to the forum. It’s always lovely to hear from our long term members and especially when they have experience as both owners and sitters which is invaluable to our newer members.

Where do you like to go for your winter warmth? Any repeat favourites or do try different destinations each year?

We had to spend a few years back in the UK in 2019 and fell in love with our home country all over again by selecting sits in areas we’d never visited. Together with our National Trust and English Heritage memberships, like you we had fabulous local experiences!

Please enjoy connecting with members and joining the conversations and we look forward to seeing you around the forum. All the best :slight_smile:


We have been full hosting members of THS for about six years and we live in a lovely period home in Gloucestershire on the edge of the Cotswold way. Through out membership we have made many lovely likeminded new friends who started out as our house sitter. We love the concept of THS because our pets are so much happier in their own home and it takes the stress and guilt from going away and leaving our gorgeous Border Collie Poppy and our cheeky house bunny Pumpkin, knowing that they are in great caring hands. We both work from home running our own businesses and travel a lot with work and when possible for pleasure.

We do have a number of dates this year where we are still looking for great house sitters. So if you have experience with rescue dogs and house bunnies and fancy a stay in beautiful gloucestershire take a look.

Lisa & Clive Roads


Hello @LisaRoads54, Poppy & Pumpkin welcome to our community forum thank you for a lovely introduction we are so glad you joined us …

I’m sure there will be many sitters who would love to spend time with your adorable pets in the glorious Cotswolds, why not add your listing link to your forum profile then other members will be able to view, this link will explain how you can do this How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Enjoy being on the forum and connecting with members from around the world.

Angela and the team

Hi Angela

Thank you for suggesting adding our profile link to our forum introduction! Great idea and I will do that!

Lisa :grinning:

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Hi @LisaRoads54 and welcome to the forum. I have noticed your listing numerous times and how much sitters have enjoyed their stay looking after Poppy and Pumpkin. I’ve just looked at it again and I can see you have 4-7 applicants for two of your sets of dates. Are you ready to decide on a sitter for those dates yet, as from a sitter’s point of view, when owners take some time to respond or make a decision, sitters can lose interest? Perhaps not advertise so far in advance and concentrate on the earlier dates. It is a lovely listing with great pets so I’m sure you will find suitable sitters. Times have changed because of covid and many sitters are not looking too far in advance.

For the dates that we had applicants where we could confirm a house sitter we have.

You may be able to see that I have directly approached several house sitters for dates where we don’t have suitable applicants and disappointingly not one response from any of these house sitters, not even to say that they are not available.