Introducing Melissa and Craig

Hi there
We are a recently retired couple who is looking to be house sitters with our dog Penny. We are homeowners in Barrie, Ontario, Canada but we are interested in making driving trips across the US and Canada. Our availability is wide open!!


Hello @mjths and welcome to the forum. I’m a sitter based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, originally from Barry, Wales. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @mjths and welcome from another Ontarian, I’m in Prince Edward County near the Sandbanks Provincial Park :slight_smile:

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Welcome to this wonderful world! Just be aware that many home owners won’t allow sitters with an animal, so it will drastically reduce your opportunities.

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Yes we know we lived overseas for 2 years ago without her and we aren’t prepared to do that again and my hubby does not want to leave her behind with a sitter. I know we are starting small…

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Hi @mjths ! We are brand new to THS, also, and my dog, Baker, would love a canine house guest (as long as they were dog friendly). We live in the country outside of Indianapolis and I will be visiting my mom for her 91st birthday out of state in mid-May. Because the month of May is Indy 500 time here, you could have fun participating in the fun! My sitter request should be approved soon…look for it if you have interest. :slight_smile:


We will check it out thanks!

What is your name for your sit request?

HI @mjths have you thought that the best way to connect with @Athomasfamily and have a conversation about their sit is via Direct Message?

Thanks her profile is not yet visible:)