Introducing ourselves from Maryland USA

Hello from Maryland! On the recommendation of a friend who is a sitter we have posted our 1st listing for the summer of 2023. Our family includes me and my husband and 2 fur babies, 10 year old Siena and soon to be 4 year old Basil. Looking for a sitter for our extended trip to Italy and Portugal.


Hi @Stitch2016. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters, the forum, and the wonderful world of pet sitting. Thanks for jumping in and introducing yourself. Your summer in Italy and Portugal sounds fabulous!

One thing many new members do is include a link to their TrustedHousesitters page in their forum profile, then ask our members to take a look at it and give tips on ways to make it even more enticing to sitters. In case you want to do that, here’s how:

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Hi @Stitch2016 and welcome to the forum. Many new members need a little reminder that this is a world wide organisation so adding your state and country is a good idea. I’m assuming you’re in America but even there, there are 4 regions that have a Maryland. All up there are 8 countries where Maryland can be found! Your dogs look gorgeous and I’m sure you’ll have much interest for your summer 2023 dates.


Thanks for the reminder. Should I make a correction?

Thank you!

@Stitch2016 We’ve edited the title to include USA. Your dogs are so adorable…is Basil an English Springer Spaniel by chance? or a spaniel of some sort?

Basil (the brown and white) is an American English Coonhound. Siena (the black white and some brown) is a Llewelyn English Setter.

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they are both just so stunning! I’ve never met a Llewelyn English Setter before. I grew up with an Irish Setter…are they similar? How did you come across this breed?

Siena is our 3rd ES but the 1st Llewelyn. Our American kennel club doesn’t recognize the Llewelyn for registration. It is an off breed bred stickler as a hunting bird dog. She was used in a breeding program and had her last litter at 9 before being turned over to the rescue group.
We were lucky enough to get them from 2 different ES rescue groups. We lost the 1st two young, not even 6 yo, from 2 different types of cancer. Siena is much older. She turns 11 in June.
Funny I started off wanting to adopt an Irish, but there were few available in Texas and all had separation anxiety issues. Since we both worked at the time it wouldn’t work even though we had 2 other dogs at the time. They suggested looking at the ES. Best decision we made!

Thank you!

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