Introducing Sitters Sue, Nigel & Sheepums

We’re planning a trip from the US to the UK/EU from Mid June to Mid Oct (or later) visiting friends and family and hopefully caring for some cute cuddly new friends along the way. We’ll have our own car so only considering sits with safe space to park a car; and that also means we can take your dog(s) with us for walks a bit further away from home than just outside the door. We both love going for long walks/hikes in the country. Sheepums, our cuddly sheep, is our pseudo pet (our last dog passed a while ago) - he comes with us everywhere and likes to be in our photos (as you can see). He’s a little worried he’ll get mistaken for a chew-toy so we’ve assured him we’ll take good care of him. Looking forward to seeing what adventures await. We hope to be able to start confirming sits very soon (flights are booked, we just need to tie up some loose ends before making a commitment to you and your pets).


Welcome Sue & Nigel … and Sheepums, who might like watching reruns of “Shaun the sheep” when you get to the UK :uk: :wink: Thank you for your lovely introduction, we are going to enjoy sharing in your summer of discovery in the UK.

There are many amazing sit opportunities pet and housesitting really is a very authentic way to discover places and meet new people but most of all for pet lovers, having that new companion makes it even more special. We love seeing photos of pets being their sitters consummate tour guides and enjoying their own vacation while pet parents go off on theirs.

Enjoy connecting with members from around the world and especially in the UK where you are heading. If you need help or advice on any part of your journey simply ask and the community will answer … and in case Sheepum has not yet met Shaun …

“Sheepum emeet Shaun and some of his flock”


Safe travels.

Angela & The Team


… Baa from Scotland Sheepums :wave: :sheep:

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Thanks Angela! This made our day! Sheepums is VERY familiar with Shaun … though he feels Shaun has stolen his glory. He’s very much looking forward to seeing some highland sheep. :blush:

Cousins! :heart:

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