Introducing us

Hello fellow THS members,

We are Ali and Taylor and we love house sitting (passionately). We have been able to have the most amazing holidays by house/pet sitting. We love that we’ve been able to meet some of the nicest (most trusting) people in the world, through this experience. Let’s face it, it’s a real privilege when people trust you with their most precious things in life (their pets and their home). It is an honour that we endeavour to be worthy of.
While we have been in lockdown (in Victoria, we have been locked down longer than anywhere else in the whole world!), I have used the extra time at home to safely and creatively store all our house/pet sitting photos. It’s been a little like travelling ‘virtually’ by reliving our memories and journaling about all the wonderful experiences. We will have to be content with this for the time being it seems. I’m glad I still have one more year of photos to print and store in albums. More pleasure to look forward to, while we wait for the ‘real thing’.
In March this year at the start of our first lockdown, my husband lost his job (though unrelated to COVID19 issues). He is now studying online to improve his qualifications. Thankfully, because of THS we can still afford to have holidays and he can continue his online studies while we housesit (when we are allowed to). It’s just another reason I am thankful for THS and the world of house and pet sitting.


Hi, lovely to read about your journey, sorry for you that Victoria has had a hard time and long lockdown, good luck with everything


Hi Ali and Taylor

Just consider this timeframe we find ourselves in a time to recharge and plan. And reflect of course.

Like you we have spent a lot of time going through our photos. I decided not to create albums but a photo wall. Has taken ages but now finished (although plans are to replace photos with others from time to time).

The centre photo of Deb is actually a jigsaw we had created in France and sent to Debs mother here in Australia. We had been away 8 years house sitting at that time, so thought the idea of Rema recreating Deb was a good one to help her pass the time away.

All wonderful memories. Only problem is there are so many to choose from.

Take care.